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                                                      ZCC CT Double-sided Milling Tools with Excellent Performance


                                                      Classic double-sided milling tools:

                                                      FMA11, 45° S type double-sided universal facemilling cutter

                                                      FMP12, double-sided W type, 90°universal face millingcutter

                                                      EMP13, double-sided type A, general square shoulder milling cutter

                                                      FMA11 for face machining and chamfering, economical face milling cutter with high performance.

                                                      The cutter head is equipped with coarse and close pitches, open forface milling.

                                                      The cutting body with double-negativestructure is matched with the insert with large rake angle and inclinationstructure of the edge, which makes brisk cutting and smooth chip evacuation.

                                                      Unique wiping geometry for W and large arc design of the wiping partimprove the surface quality of the workpiece.

                                                      The super-large effective wiping length is more suitable forsemi-finishing and finishing machining of the cutter heads with large diameters.

                                                      GM geometry is fully optimized andupgraded, which obtains better chip breaking effect, large rake angle structureand brisk cutting.

                                                      The New HGR geometry with high cutting edgestrength and excellent chipping resistance.

                                                      The insert with wiper allow for goodsurface quality. Full size specifications and geometry typesmeet the requirements of different cutting depths and other machining needs.

                                                      For face machining, step machining and slot milling.

                                                      The cutter body with double negative anglesand the unique structure obtains double positive cutter angles, which isbeneficial to reduce the cutting force.

                                                      The double-sided milling insert with 6edges can realize 90°shouldermilling, face milling and slot milling with high-quality.


                                                      The insert with wiperallows for large feed machining and better surface quality.

                                                      For face machining, step machining, slot milling and side milling

                                                      It can achieve 90° square shoulder machining with high quality.

                                                      The cutter body with double-negative structure is matched with the insert with large rake angle and inclination structure of the edge, which obtains brisk cutting and smooth chip evacuation.

                                                      Our cutting tools cover all kinds of types likebar milling, disc milling, helical milling, shoulder milling, face milling,slot milling, and side milling.

                                                      GM geometry takes into account both thesharpness and the strength of the edge, which has excellent versatility and issuitable for working conditions with medium cutting parameters.

                                                      LH geometry is of excellent wear resistance, special mirror treatment on the rake face and good adhesion resistance to ensure efficient and stable machining on aluminum alloy.

                                                      Comparison of the surfaces qualities:

                                                      The surface quality and verticality of EMP13 series cutting tools is obviously better than that of the similar products of A company.

                                                      Workpiece material: NAK80 (HRC36)

                                                      Tool: EMP13-032-G32-AN15-02C

                                                      Insert: ANGX150608PNR-GM/YBG205

                                                      Cutting parameters: Vc=220m/min,fz=0.1mm/z, ap=14.5mm, ae=10mm

                                                      Cutting way: dry cutting


                                                      Workpiece material: NAK80

                                                      Machiningtype: face milling



                                                      Cuttingparameters: Vc=2mm, Ae=50mm

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